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Detailed time, GEO and Agents analytics

Check how your episodes are performing by time.

Reliable solution

We already track millions of downloads each month with >99.9% uptime.

Day by Day view

Compare success of your episodes in selected time range. Sorted list will help you identify your most popular episodes easily.

GEO tools

Are you wandering where are your listeners coming from? In your dasbhoard you can see the popularity of your show by country.

User Agents

Sometimes it is good to know what kind of devices were used in order to listen to your podcast. We are able to let you know more about OS, App and device type of your listeners.

Enterperise solutions

Are you curious about more detailed analytics or attributions?
Are you looking for advanced DAI tools which would let you sell your inventory?
Are you interested in self hosted service in order to fully own the data generated by your listeners?

Our product is built on the top of technology which is capable of reliably serving millions of downloads without downtime.
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